Don’t know what to do

I need help here don’t know where to start ! Woke up about 2 days ago and my plant looked droopy and had a bunch of brown and orange spots all over it . I was told
To put in a ticket so I did and grobo team got back to me said everything was running right and maybe it’s a little to Spicey they told me so to just top off the machine and to get back to them In a week with pics the prroblem is that everyday I go check on it it looks worse and worse I don’t think i

have a week before it’s dead I did read online that it’s a cal and mag deficiency but the grobo teams telling me everything ok so I’m stuck here watching my work die can some one please guid me to the right direction so I can save my girl


I would add cal/mag. Some strains just seem to drink the stuff up. My local water doesn’t have enough for my plants, and that’s before I run it through the RO filter. It can’t hurt…


We can go through some trouble shooting if you’d like. Sometimes if something is off it may take your plant a minute to recover so if everything is ok from grobo end then that’s a good sign.
Please let me know if there is a question you can’t answer. Let’s start here…

  1. I would start by cutting off the bottom row of affected leaves.
  2. Take a picture of you nutrient levels.
  3. Check air stone to make sure its producing bubbles.
  4. Check air pump to make sure it working.
  5. Take a picture of your roots and water levels.
  6. When is your drain and fill day?
  7. What is the water temp?
  8. Is your rh too high (humidity) in the grobo.
  9. Have you added anything besides grobo nutrients?

That plant isn’t dying


Thanks for the help I will have all the answers to your list tom I appreciate the time you are taking to help me out I do think my air stone is messed up it use to bubble more and it’s making a weird sound I don’t know how I would check the air pump to see if it’s working ? The temperature and humity I am running to the store tom and buy temp sensor etc. just got home from work .it would be great if you could help me figure this out.just trying to learn and also help anyone I could help .thanks friend and fellow grower I owe you one

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No problem! If you have some bubbles it means the air pump is working although its important to make sure none of the hose are kinked causing low air.
You can buy a new airstone for a couple dollars or use your warranty to have it replaced.
In the meantime remove the damaged leaves and we can go from there.