Does not ask to top off anymore?

My Grobo doesn’t seem to ask to be topped off midweek like it used to. I didn’t top it off last week and when I drained it there was hardly any water in it. I am on day 81 of my grow. There are 7 days left of the flower cycle. Should I manually top it off it’s something wrong with my grobo?

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U can top it off with app or computer anytime u want even without it asking under maintainence tab! Don’t manually add water because your likely to overfill


Yeah I meant using the app. I was just wondering if it was something to do with maybe the recipe that at the end you stop topping it off or something?

Notifications are only a reminder. I usually top off every 2 days during flower. Usually about 3/4 gallon.During that period it want ask every couple of days, I just do it! It only send one top off notification once per week!


Thanks! I had only been doing when reminded … Only missed one week.

She gets real thirsty in flower especially!


The notification is due to water level for new pods and grows but never do we get weekly top ups. Just the once on day 5 i think



  • ([:warning:] When Your Plant Gets Big -Or- The Area Is Dry The Water Will Be Needing [TopUp] At Least Twice A Week): (-So- Now You Know That Your Poor Plant Was Starving For Liquid):


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My first plant drank up to a liter in 3 days.
I always refill water manually. But I also measure the Ppm and the ph value myself. And also add nutrients.

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I fill every other day once you get going.

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