Does grobo sell your information [RESOLVED]

I watched the episode of they were on and the said the could tell alot about the customer even if your house has air conditioning or not. Do they sell information they gather from customers homes with out our consent?


That question would be best directed at @bjorn


Interesting question. Heck, they won’t even share our own data with us that the machine is gathering.

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But on the episode of dragons den i believe was the show. they said they could monetize the app and it gathers information from the home of the people that have the boxes. They can even tell if people have air conditioning. They said it gathers alot of data. How else will they monetize the app unless they charge peope for it, have ads or sell the data it gathers from the boxes in the homes

Thanks @Todd.grobo

@Briansr - Awesome question. We do collect a ton of data and we use it to improve your grow. We do not currently sell data, nor do we currently have plans to sell it in the future. All of the data is really optimized for the Grobo itself and wouldn’t be as useful in any other form factor.

On the show, we targeted our responses to gain the interest of specific investors on the show. I actually wrote a blog post about it last week outlining some of our strategy on the show and what it’s like behind the scenes on Dragons’ Den.

Either way, your data is safe and not being sold or accessed by anyone outside of Grobo.


I appreciate the honest answer most companies would avoid the topic. Thank you