Do you really need extra fans and all that?

I never used one yet, but I see some posts where people are buying $100’s of dollars in extra things like fans, dehumidifies, air purifiers, water pumps, etc…

Do you really need these things as I am helping an older friend set this up when it comes and might be stuck :smiley: helping with it all the time. I was hoping for just a weekly water change, but seems many are doing a lot more.

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Fans are definitely beneficial. If you are trying to go minimal…a small fan inside the grobo, hydroguard and a water temp meter. All the other things are just added bonuses.


This is true. In the winter it is particularly dry in my area so I struggle with humidity. My humidifier helps w/ VPD and thus growth rate

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I ordered the hydroguard and we are looking at small fans.