Do I extend again

Cinderella 99,I have extended late veg 2 weeks already do I go a third Or let her go thoughts?!?


I would flip now. That Cindy99 should stretch like crazy. Ask @vegetato!

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Mine was a FAST variant (non-autoflower, but is crossed with ruderalis) from Canuk, got it in the orange puck.

Since you’ve already extended a couple of times and it does seem to be growing faster now it’s a tough call; it might grow a bit or a lot in the next 7-10 days. I’d just let it flip over to get a read on how much it’ll stretch during flower. You can always make an adjustment on the next grow if you have more of the same seed.

I was surprised by mine, the growth took off quickly once it started gaining vertical height. If yours is the same seed as mine I’d definitely flip before it’s too late.