DIY fixes instead of expensive store bought

Post what you make and what it does, how it helps, and how much it cost compared to a bought product. This topic might actually save people quite a lot of money :moneybag:. Here’s my pseudo fix for my grobo pump:

Granted it’s not totally a DIY fix, but it works, and others who have a pump issue can use this fix pretty quick.


I made a door cover for my Grobo the light bothered me at night. I purchased a plastic sheet from my local hardware store then cut it to my liking. I bought some magnets used a heavy-duty trash bag over the magnets so that I can snap-on the door without messing with the finish.


How long have you had your grobo? @alucard

Not long 2 months, other items you can use are pipe cleaners or even sandwich bread ties in some instances for LST. I’ve seen all different types of inventive ideas with everyday household items lying around that could be useful in a grow!


How are you doing on the smell?