Discovered issue

Hi @bjorn
I had previously mentioned this abundance of nutrients previously collecting in this spot Bjorn. When manually adding feed to my plant i noticed the piping for nutirnet bottle 4 had come out of the bracket in the reservoir that hangs over the side. It was literally sticking straight up and liking landing under the reservoir
Someone has mentioned increasing the length on these. I highly suggest it as well. Cant fix it for 2 months because im im flowering and can barely lift the lid.


Hi Todd
Bjorn is on vacation, so I can answer this question for you.
I want to apologize for the leak. I’ve seen the requests and we’ve updated our process with our manufacturing team to make sure there is enough length to keep the hoses inside the holder. We appreciate all of the feedback from this community as it really helps to strengthen and improve our product.


No problem glad we figured out what it was.

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