Design flaws, new purchasers suffer

I am really disappointed that Grobo is selling machines that have not had all the kinks worked out including design flaws. We, purchasers should not be the Ginea pigs. All testing and upgrading should be done before purchase and shipping. So new ideas and feedback create better functionality and we first purchasers are out of luck? Right now my Grobos Aeration pump is on the fritz two weeks into my machines delivery. People are saying get a cheap pump online. Ummm, why should I do that? My machine should work yes? Frustrated with support.

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I understand and agree but they have always been right there to fix the situation atleast for me. Just sucks it happened around the holidays where people are taking vacactions. If you don’t mind losing the plant just wait it out and they will send you a pump like they did for me


But I don’t know how to install it. The tiny door at the back looks too small to be able to get them in or out

Disconnect the runner air tube from the grobo aerator and hook it up to yours and leave the air pump outside of the grobo till they fix your unit

I have one coming from Amazon today. I’ve been using a straw to blow air into the water till now🙄

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Hi @chris_barfield, I opened the back of the machine and discovered the red and black wires from the machine to the pump are not attached, no fault of mine. I attached the internal hose to an external aquarium pump for now. Will the company send someone to repair the wires to the pump? I’m certainly not qualified to do so, and I’m sure if any damage from trying to fix it my self would not be covered . Thanks for your help and advice. Andy

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Yea well since it’s a flaw on their I’m sure either they will give you detailed instructions on how to fix but I’m sure that they will get you sorted out wether it be a new machine or however …

Until your pump comes in I would use the drain/fill wire and setup a continuous loop to give it water … basically out the drain wires in the tank and set it to drain and it will continue to drain the water back into reservoir and also giving the water oxygen as it dumps the water back into the reservoir