Day 85

Plant has stated to stop really growing and flowers are budding slower… maybe I was too aggressive in my pruning…

Also brown tips on the end of leaves has me thinking excessive nutrition? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hey @peteryune, she’s actually looking mighty fine! What day are you on? Cuz these would all be signs that she is putting all effort now into flowers. The burned tip of leaves is pretty normal during this phase and here “slowing” her stretch down as i mentioned, she starts to really put all focus into her flowers. Hope this helps! Just keep an eye on your bigger leaves, green is healthy-


The burnt tips is a matter of opinion… I ran grobo nutrients and had burnt tips throughout my grow… it was still successful but I ran a clone of that and lowered ppms and had no burnt tips (excessive food) and my yield was more and the nugs looked denser… me personally I’d flush for two hours at least with clearex or something like it … then drop nutrients a little to make sure your not locking anything out … but that’s just me … but all in all she looks good and is now focusing on making buds


I agree with this @chris_barfield I currently have 5 different strains in flower at the moment. My nutrient ppm is the same for each plant that is in the same stage. Some prefer more while others less as shown by the tips. The only way you can dial that in is by growing the same strain and tweaking it each run which is not to practical for basic growers in a Grobo or manual grows.

I’v not seen any evidence that slight burnt tips impacts yield but I don’t have much data to verify that. I’d personally just keep going with your grow as is.