Day 83 Doesnt Look so Good

Its day 83 and the plant looks in distress. Not sure if there is anything I can do to bring it back. The leaves are a little dry t

oops Uploading: 20181128_104706.jpg… .


Your leaves are looking like mine. Part of the growing process I think do t stress your almost ready to harvest!


Hey @Star

How far to flush? How many day reciepe do you have running?

No close up pics so it’s difficult for us to see any issues. Beyond the main cola being a little too close to the light what is your main concern?

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Have you put a (( :tickets::ticket: Ticket in yet?.. The ((#GroboTeam)) can tell you if everything is looking okay on their end… :wink:

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Maybe all is okay then. Iam day 83 of I believe 103 days.

I had gone on vacation and left it with friend. It just looks a lot more bare than last I time i saw it.

Here are a couple of close up pics.


My leaves are not as perky as they were befor but mine is filling in all over. Looks like
your plant is fine. The damn thing is to tall. Keep the big fans trimmed back like
you have and get the light on the bottom. Nice mirror works great.

Next time I need to figure out how to prune it so that it will grow a little shorter.

Hey @Star has she stopped stretching?

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Figure out if you can super crop away from the light ? Seems like certain spots are not getting enough light … you sure being that close to the light the leaves aren’t changing color due to light burn?

But monster plant !!