Day 80 Blueberry Auto

Day 80 of first grow in Grobo. One thing thats seems weird to me is that I have grown this strain in a dwc a handfull of times and those plants would be 36" tall by now. But this plant isnonly 18-20". I have noticed a lot of other grows on here have short plants as well. Anybody have an idea why I am guessing lighting.


If I had to make a guess as to what that difference might be, I’d wager it’s due to temp/humidity or perhaps something even simpler like the feed/additives used.

Out of curiosity, what size was your DWC reservoir and what nutrient lineup did you use?

If the light wasn’t powerful enough she’d be stretching more I’d think. But, a stronger light might cause her to drink (and grow) more too… hard to make a guess without more info or another light to test with. :slight_smile:


It was a 3-1/2 gallon very similar to the grobo. I was using General Hydroponic nutients. It was in the same room as the grobo so temp and humidity should be close the light was 1000w mars hydo. I cant wait to try a different strain next and see how that goes.

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