Day 63 (day 3 of flower)

Grand daddy purp indica from ILGM. How does she look? Should I trim any more? Any recommendations? Thanks!


You could definitely do a little bit of a haircut imo, maybe before a drain and fill to give fresh nutrients or at the very least in the morning time for her so she has all day to soak up the light.

I would start with these if it was me

and go from there. Down below on the lower stuff looks great imo, but I think with just those few leaves you’d see a large improvement to light down at the bottom of the Grobo.

Probably best to do a defoliation now and then maybe in a couple of weeks towards like week 3 of flower to be one of the final cuts I think from what I’ve read. Haven’t quite had to do so myself yet, grew an auto last time and defoliated pretty random times based on when I thought I needed some more light in there.

Getting some light to the branches now will help in the flowering stretch and allow the smaller branches to catch up and become dominant ones before the buds start to truly form too much


Thank u!! I will trim those off

Hello all, so I think my air pump went out because I am not getting any bubbles through the air stone. And it’s making some strange noises. I have ordered another one overnight but wondering if there are any recommendations to get her some oxygen until my new pump arrives? Please help

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