Day 60. Spotted leaves

Hey all. I want to put a ticket in, but I’m remote and can’t seem enter a ticket through my iPhone. Anyway. I’m a little past day 60, and I’ve noticed brown spots on my top leaves. Pic attached.

I did notice my no 3 bottle was low to empty, so I replaced it. Think that would have caused the problem??


Have you looked under jewelers loop for invaders? Have you looked underneath the backside of the leaves to see if there are trails …

I have not. I don’t even have a jewelers loupe. Haven’t looked for trails either. I’ll take a peak when I get back to my unit in a few days. Not sure exactly what to look for, but i’ll look!

Does it look like variegation or deficiency?

I was going to say it kinda looks like something is eating it

I’d say more a deficient thing… but I’m uncertain really.

That occurred to me too. I hope not! I’m not even sure to do if I got a pest in there.

I’m thinking it might be deficiency. Still can’t get a ticket in because all I have access to is my iPhone at the moment… I was able to have wifey send me some extra photos though. It looks likes it’s only happening on the leaves that are next to some bud sites. @Stephen any chance you could run some kind of diagnostic without me getting a ticket in?

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This might be the cause of it… I hope the ((#GroboTeam)) can get back to you on this one…


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You send in a ticket via email. I thought I could do it via the “app” but no use your email and send ticket to or .ca either one will work. Sorry you are having this issue, but you’ll get it sorted :+1::v::beer:

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Ah thanks! Will do that.

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Got my ticket in, everything looks good, but yep. The spotting is most likely from me accidentally starving my gal with an empty No 3 bottle. oops!