Day 54 ... day 2 of 41 flowering stage

So I’m in day 2 of flowering, when am I suppose to see buds! How’s the height? Should I be trimming more?




You should be seeing buds soon, this week or possibly next week. Sometimes it can take 3-4 weeks into Bloom for the buds to start forming.

Can you give us a closeup of some of the plant, I’m interested to see how many pistils are showing on your plant! It looks like a few already for sure.

A lot of sources online say that Week 3 defoliation of flower is a good idea. You might be able to give her a bit of a haircut to open up light for all the bud sites! She seems like a pretty decent height. It’s hard to say if the stretch is over yet but she will probably grow some more, hopefully landing you right in a sweet spot of light intensity.


Can you get in to the center stalk and give some photos of the nodes inbetween the leaves? I am curious to see the gender parts of your plant. This is usually the time you would want to make sure you have a female on your hands and not a boy. I don’t see any flowers started on the top of the plant yet, but you should have some gender parts formed by now even if just pre-flowers.

Looks like some pistils maybe in the center branch but hard to tell from the pic if they are that or actually stipules / growth tips started


I woud definitely trim Up the bottom, anything not getting light, as well as those really big fan leaves… IMO!!! Haven’t made it that far yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:

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Do these shots work?



Hmm still hard to tell.

The last picture, of the top of the branch, can you get some pics underneath those leaves along the stem? Up towards where the ends of the stem is up further, maybe one of each of the “topped” branches that came out. I still don’t see any gender parts on those pics.

There has to be some though

Also, a tip… if you press the Grobo button one time when the door is open, it should turn on a yellow-ish light that is good for taking pictures for 30 seconds. Not sure if you’re using that or not, but also, using flash in combination with this can sometimes give a better lighted picture too.

EDIT: here’s an example of from my first plant, you can see there is a pointy bulb with a hair sticking out; this is when I confirmed my plant was a lady.

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Damn, not seeing any gender parts yet… slow shower! Hope it’s a girl! Keep an eye on those areas, only a matter of time here soon the plant will show.

Are your seeds feminized? Just curious!

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Yes it’s feminized

Not sure if I missed this but…Strain, auto or photo?


Can you verify your light is actually switched to 12/12?


I really don’t know, it’s my 1st grow

How can I check @FireGuy

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Well, there is a setting inside the Grobo app under “Settings” → “Change Light Settings” that you can change the 12 ON / 12 OFF cycle…

However, he is just asking to confirm it’s running at that schedule properly (Which it should during flower/transition stages)

Simply put, what time do your Grobo lights turn on, and what time do they turn off? Should be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night!

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Good stuff, as long as you can confirm that’s actually what the Grobo is doing, then you should be good. The reason he had asked partially is because of being 2 1/2 weeks into flower and not seeing signs of gender yet (That you showed us atleast!)

If the light schedule was messed up somehow and wasn’t actually performing a 12 ON / 12 OFF your plant would stay in a perpetual vegetative stage and continue growing but will not flower, that’s all.


I appreciate all the assistance!! Everyone here is awesome


Thanks pyro, I’m a bit outta touch traveling.