Day 50 of first grow

So it’s day 50 on my first grow and I held it back for 1 week on its last phase. Now I’m on day 7 of transition phase and I’m just looking for a little insight from the village. I think it’s looking good but any tips are much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Looks pretty good! She should be stretching up nicely for you in the next two weeks to come and possibly a little longer.

Most people recommend to do some trimming before Transition. I didn’t follow the rules and did a haircut/lollipopping (removal of lower stuff) on Day 5/14 in Transition and also have been doing defoliation of upper growth pretty steadily for the past 3 weeks, so take it for what it’s worth but you might be able to get rid of a leaf or two to give the plant some light. Honestly, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on with your plant from the pics but it looks like to me there’s 2 leaves sticking out to me that your plant would probably benefit from having removed:

Other than that, most of the leaves look like they’re not blocking a whole lot, but again it’s hard to tell. Up to you if you want to get rid of those two but I think it will open up the light in the center of the plant a good amount, and I doubt she will even notice.

Have you seen any pistils forming yet? They will be at the nodes where the branches and leaves meet the stem, sometimes start on the main branch first. This is where you wanna keep an eye out and find out the gender of your plant to be sure. If you’re using feminized, there’s probably nothing to worry about except that 0.01% chance it’s a male!

Overall, lookin’ good!

Check out my grow sometime as well, may be a little bit of useful information there!


Thank you. I will give her a trim.


Sounds good :slight_smile:

Send a pic after I wanna see a better look of what’s goin on there

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