Day 5 of flower nute problem

I just changed out my nutrient bottles 3, 4 and 5

I just did my weekly water change right now and noticed only bottle five has come down bottle three and four nothing was used is that normal?

Also looks like my time is 1 hour off from the time change is that normal also?


Your nutrient bottle usage is determined on how well you ph your water and how hungry your plant is, #5 is usually the most used. Just keep an eye on it thenext couple drain and fills.
As for the time change it sounds like grobo is keeping perfect timing no matter what, daylight savings time adjustments may need to be made in the software but that’s something only a ticket would solve.
If its a glitch they will be able to tell you!


Hey @Mpower11,

Thanks for the call this morning. As we discussed, if you can drain/fill again at lunch, I’ll double check to ensure you are feeding your plant. The software team is also checking in to see if anything jumps out at them.

Chat soon,