Day 30 in Late Veg, Super Bushy. Normal?

I topped her on Day 25 and did a trim of fan leaves on Day 27. This morning I cut off two fan leaves that were getting huge. Now she’s super bushy. I “think” that’s a good thing but it’s my first grow.

I’m thinking I should let her grow out for a bit before doing any more trimming? Maybe a week?

Your feedback/advice is most appreciated!


Agreed. Let her recover from trimming for several days, then remove any fan leaves that obscure others from the light source, as well as leaves that likely won’t ever get enough light.


Thanks for the sanity check!

All the big leaves that block the light cut it. How deep is your cocopot. Is it damp on top …

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@Baumi1981 I gave her a good trim. The coco pod is a tiny bit damp on top if I squeeze it, but not so much that any water comes out.

I trimmed those outliers this morning. I’ll let her grow for a few days and trim again?

Day 36/12 Late Veg

Humidity is stuck at about 30% with a humidifier. It’s on the floor, I’m going to try putting up higher. Water temp is pretty steady at 68 F, air temp up to a degree lower.

Roots look great. Just did my weekly water change.



Day 37/13 late veg.

FYI: raising the elevation of a humidifier was very effective in raising humidity in my Grobo.
Letter her grow for a couple of days.


Nice man… Beauty. Maybe a little cut in the middle of the plant to get light into… :herb::ok_hand:


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@Baumi1981, Thanks! I’ll do that in the morning.


Day 50/26 Late Veg

Grow baby, grow!