Day 27 flowering, check her out!

Sorry it is a Hybrid* not Sativa according to the recipe.

That sounds about right: start a new grow with correct recipe (non-auto) and then skip to transition phase immediately.

I believe you should be able to skip the drain/fill when starting the new recipe but am not certain on that. If it does force you to fill to start the new grow you might want to drain/fill again after moving to transition, so it doses the correct nutrients. If it lets you start the recipe without drain/fill then you probably already have sufficient nutrients from the last one.

Given that, if it’s not the best time then you might want to hold off until the next scheduled drain/fill day. The plant can stay in that vegetative state for a very long time, a few more days isn’t going to make much difference from that perspective.


I really appreciate the help! I ended the first / started fresh. I was able to continue without needing to refill. Thinking about it, I might do a manual drain and fill to really make sure it is correct. Probably best?

After each drain/fill it will “dose the nutes” over the next hour or so (even longer for pH), the amount of which varies based on the recipe and which stage you are in; seedlings need less than veg/flower and I believe the recipes account for differences in strains as well.

So; yeah, probably best.

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That plant is huge for day 27 …I’m on day 30 and barely have 5 nods !


The difference is that his day 27 is in flower stage which makes it too small!

Hi! Wanted to report back and thank you again for your help. Here we are day 12 transition moving into flowering in 2 days. The pistils are starting to become more prominent! I defoliated some of the fan leaves. I was able to get 1 of 2 fans into the button for more airflow. Waiting on the 2nd, hopefully arriving in a few days.

This is my first grow. Learned a lot so far. Very pleased and looking forward to perfecting more and more for each grow.


(The pictures are in reverse order, more recent to older)