Day 26/38

I know its a jungle in there :laughing:. Via trimming was the only steps that had me spoked. Is it to late to trim?

Also should I extend another week or 2? I have my 2nd sets of nutrients all ready in house. Also when it goes into flush mode do I remove the bottles? or does Grobo recognize not to pull nutrients from them :thinking:


hey @Sampson39 - The plant is looking pretty good and looks to be in mid flower. Congrats on making this far!

Since she is on day 26 of 38 flower she will probably need to be extended for a couple of weeks. Once you are closer to day 38 flower check the trichs. There’s no need to remove the nutrient bottles once you are in the flush stage. The Grobo won’t pull nutes while in flush.

Check out this page for more resources on Harvest time:

You can trim up some of the larger fan leaves and open up more light for the bud sites.


Here is a nice guide on plant training starts around 4:00 min’s in