Day 25, tap root has not descended... help!

Hello all,

I’m on the first day of vegetation and I don’t think the little guy will make it. I wanted to show pics here to see if anyone has any tips to bring this guy back or to let me know to start on a new seed.

Basically, the tap root never descended, please see pics. I noticed the roots in the coco pod and lowered it a bit in hopes that things would improve, but does not look good.

Any tips would be much appreciated!!

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Your coco pod seems really low. Do you have any pics from the top side of the lid?

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Yeah, it looks like your cocopod is probably sitting in the water. I can’t tell if you have the sticker or not from that pic, but the plant does seem to be way too low.

We want the bottom of the pod to be an inch or so above the water.

The only time we put it any lower is if (it is an older model and) the lid has a sticker on it with a line that says to do so. Even with the sticker it shoudln’t be too far below the line, it’s better at the line or at least covering the blue part of it.

Most people will just line up the top of the pod with the top of the lid when putting it in. If you don’t have a sticker, the pod should be flush with the top of the lid!

A word of caution – it can be tricky to get the coco pod to slip back upward without damaging it. It may want to crumble if you try doing it too quickly or with too much force.


Yeah, I lowered it when I noticed the little roots poking out and no tap root. Is there anything I can do at this point or is it better to star over? Thank you!

The roots will go searching for more water, sometimes it takes a while for that to happen after you see it pop out up top.

My guess is it didn’t go searching far because the pod was already wet enough, as it looks like it made quite a few roots already at the top half of it.

You can just push the pod up and push on for a bit longer to see if it pulls through. Don’t worry so much about how long the roots are it’s more about how healthy it looks up top.

If anything, I’d recommend to try to push the pod up a bit and let the top part of it dry out some. If you can put a little fan blowing across the lid that helps to dry it out. When the top has less water the roots will head downward for more.


Roger that, thank you!


Your coco pod is way too low, should be flush with the lid.


The pod is way too saturated, the roots needs air in order to grow.

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