Day 114

It’s been on flush I’m about to do a water change in a few. my question is I know I need to remove bottle 3,4, and 5 and I just noticed the tips on some of the leaves are drying up as shown on pictures. should I be concerned?or is that part of the whole process?If so should I remove before it dries up or leave it as is? Do I keep adding hydroguard ?


You don’t have to remove bottle 3 to 5 if you don’t want to… If your flushing Grobo will not add any nutes to the water. It will just adjust PH with bottle 1 and 2

Looks like a bit of nute burn but if your flushing nothing to be concerned about

If your flushing I would leave them and I wouldn’t add hydroguard if your flushing


Ok sounds good thank you