Day 103 GSC

Here are a few close ups nice ones this time what do you guys think
Day 104 flower 52/57 I did extend I see white still feed back welcome

More close ups


Looking close! I would say you probably good to let it run its course. With 5 days left of flower and 10 days of flush, I think you will be right where u wanna be.


Sounds good

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I see all the different trichomes! :smiley:

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Yes yes so frosty I can taste it

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How many ounces you got

He wouldn’t know until he harvests and dries >< Got another three weeks until he can tell you that.


Oh word, I didn’t know if he did or didn’t yet, thx for getting back to me

Nothing yet still on the flower mode but pretty soon

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Slowly reaches for the digital microscope… :popcorn:


So I have a dilema no power for a few hours what should I do for as long as a few counties not sure when it’s coming back on

only answer is a generator tbh, or something battery powered

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