Day 100 GSC

Day late but it’s ok lol. Day 100 flower 48/50
I think she looking great what do you guys think extend the flower or start the flush after day 50 thanks for looking


She is coming along nicely! It is kinda hard to see the trichs in some of the pictures but I do see quite a bit of white pistil hairs so she’s not quite ready.

I would extend flower 1 week for now and continue to check trichomes every day or two. She is looking great!


Thanks for the feed back and yes I need better pictures lol, soon it’s in the mail lol and will do thanks for the feed back will keep posting as days go by

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Most of your tricomes are still white. Id say a few more days in flower for sure and at minimum full flush for ripen


Thanks for the feed back. Seeing you guys just motivates others to do more thanks