Damage in shipping

Welcome to a potential pain in the ass! My Grobo arrived badly damaged and so far there has been no resolution (still trying to work it out with these people). They had my preorder money for over two years before I received this useless piece of equipment and are really dragging their feet about a refund or any resolution. I have grown weed for many years the “old fashion” way and am quite sure this is not going to work for me. Purchase at your own risk, I hope you are not in a hurry! This company will take your money and leave you hanging!

Hi @rodcross,

Sorry to hear you feel that way about the Grobo. I can understand how shitty of an experience it is to receive damaged goods. Have you reached out to Jason at support@grobo.ca yet? If you’re looking for a return we’ll get you squared away as soon as possible!

Note that we’re on holiday right now so I do apologize in advanced if you do have to wait a bit to get a response (I’ll reach out to Jason personally to let him know that your ticket is coming through)

Wishing you all the best in the new year!