Cuttings Tray with Screen

Hello all. Stephen can be seen on the harvesting video cutting buds and leaves on a tray with screen for trichomes. Where can one be obtained?


Amazon or a local hydro store. It’s called the trim bin and costs ~ $50. Too expensive for my taste. I use a mirror bought from goodwill, and a (I think) 50 micron screen. You can find them online. All said costs about $10-15. Up to you though. Good thing about the mirror though is you can actually see the keef, and can scrape it together with a razor.


Not sure which one Stephen was using, but I picked up this unit and it does the trick

Trimming tray

At the time of my purchase it was 38$’s it’s now 47$


You can make your own just have to buy mesh and wood little but of screws and your good

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And now $50

Inflation is out of control…

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Thanks DT, so much winning :man_shrugging: :-1:

I purchased a 3D printer last year and have made all types of random and some useful items like Toys for the little guy and cable management stuff for me. I would encourage anyone that has some disposable income to invest in one especially if you have kids. I make all my own LEGO’s now at a significant fraction of the cost. Crazy what a small box of legos costs and I can make a few hundred for under 1$

Here is some other stuff like a vase for the Mrs and cable protectors (cheap iPhone cable ends break all the time - no more). I literally give these away to friends, family and co-workers. I haven’t bought a replacement charging cable since I started making these

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You could probably easily make one of these with a quick trip to the local hardware store for the screen