Current Shipping Time on my Order? [Resolved]

Hey Grobo Team,

I was just wondering if I could get an idea on when I may receive or at least when you may be able to ship my order.

Order #3731

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Yeah_Im_Cheating

In case they don’t see the request here I’d suggest sending it directly to them via support ticket too




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@Yeah_Im_Cheating, Im not sure when you ordered but if its any indication I ordered my unit June 11th and received it on July 23rd @James, ordered a week maybe two after I did and got his a day after mine. Hope that helps!

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Hey @Yeah_Im_Cheating,

We were temporarily out of cocopods but we have restocked and I expect your order to ship early next week.


PS - This is for consumables, not an actual unit.



Thank you

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Ahh I wondered why I hadn’t received a shipping notification…lol. And I’m in town ha. Oh well good to know :+1:

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