Cure vs proper storage

Just curious where the line is between curing and just storing properly with a boveda or something to maintain correct RH.

I think many do things differently, but I use cVaults and Boveda packs and never had any problems. Once had something close to a year and it was OK, slightly bit dry outside, but when ground up was fine.


Storing short and long term would be the decided factor for me!
I sometimes just keep buds in a airtight container up to 28g without Boveda packs even though its usually already been cured, for immediate use no longer than thirty days.
Anything more than that I store in mason jar with Boveda packs.
Uncured buds I always cure for two weeks at the least in mason and Boveda before attempting to store without.

Fun fact… You can cure under water! :eyes::seedling:

Checkout these artices…


Love the CVaults especially for ease and large quantity!!! Whats the average price for them? :eyes::seedling:


Prices can get crazy on the larger ones, so shop around. Usually buying direct from them during a holiday sale is the cheapest, Amazon has some but usually a lot more. The biggest 8Ltr one in my picture, can hold 1 pound but price goes from $60-$120 depending where you look.


Thanks or the info! Thinking about getting a couple in the future! :eyes::seedling: