Critical Purple Harvest & timelapse

Trying out grobo drying mode


Yay! @blue045 the day has finally come!!!

Wow, look at how thick those branches are hangin up, “All the more for making buds, my dearrrrrrr”

Good stuff! Hope your drying process works out well for you, keep us all posted!


I’m growing CP too they’re seedlings still. Do you have a close up picture of your bud’s?
I’ve got 20 more seeds.

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:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: looks great! Im growing my 2nd critical purple at the moment. I need to get a time lapse camera for sure. I love watching those… all you need to do is add a funky bass line and watch that girl dance her way up. Lol



My mouth is watering. I’ve got 20 more seeds. How hot does it take to get Autoflower plants to move faster in seedling stage. Seems like as soon as I get them into their own pot (10gal) they stopped growing… Any tips from any on would be nice.
P.S. I don’t have a Grobo. But still love this forum…
Thanx y’all


This forum is definitely amazing whether you have a grobo or not. I’ve havent personally tent grown myself yet but I do know through stuff that I’ve read that humidity in the 60s is best for that stage. And temp in the low 70s. Since the roots are underdeveloped at this stage, it allows for absorption through the leaves


Keep paying attention :wink: your getting it
I think a Grobo takes ALL the fun out of growing.
I creat that beautiful girl not a machine…
But I’m not Knocking it. But it’s a lot to learn in rooms. Like light stressing and intense stressing,
Chiropracting your plants too it’s very good gives it a good boost and your limbs don’t fall over. If you want the link on how to do a lot of these things including pruning right I can get it for you just let me know


Definitely! Im always looking to grow my knowledge base. :facepunch:

They say don’t do this to Autoflower’s and some say you can. I do with clips

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