Critical Purple Auto.... the repeater

I didnt even think about that. Im going to be laying wide awake every night waiting and wondering LOL :sweat_smile:



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The flush is on and the 8 days of worry and wonder will begin! Im super excited to harvest this and get it weighed. I have 6 colas that are all producing pretty massive buds. Here’s a couple more ‘glamour shots’ :joy::drooling_face:


We made it home and she is looking great! She is maturing slow so I gave her a water change and ill let her go for a couple more days


Nice. My girl is just beginning to show some amber here and there. Sending her to flush either the end of this week or beginning next week


WEIGH DAY ALERT: I finally chopped her down and dried her for about 3.5 days. I was able to maintain the humidity pretty well but it appears the buds are a tad overdried still. With that said, this haul was incredible! I have 23.2 grams of sweet leaf/popcorn buds (the large jar) and 5.49 oz of bud!!! I think its safe to say that the added lights did wonders. I added boveda packs to each jar to get the humidity levels back up. The burping begins! Lol. Ill give a smoke report in about 4 weeks :raised_hands::heart_eyes:


Congratulations bro 5 oz of bud is a lot from I seen


Thank you! This was my 3rd grow (2nd time growing Critical purple). My other two grows were just shy of 3 oz, so this was amazing. I weighed it three times to make sure my numbers weren’t off. Lol. Critical purple auto from growers choice is an aggressive strain. My 1st grow was hard to maintain and it grew all the way to the lights. This time around I did a lot of manipulating and higher stress training. And again, those added lights made a huge difference. I added a link for the lights that I added in case anyone else wants to experiment with it. Ill gladly give details on how I attached them as well if anyone wants those details.


Geeez, Todd! That’s awesome! Makes me want more lights in my Grobo hahaha.

That’s AMAZING weight. Those buds are massive. I think you take the cake my dude. Amazing amazing work

Can I ask, did you add any nutrients or is this all Grobo? Besides the added LEDs of course

This strain seems to love the Grobo. How’s the smoke?? Thanks so much and congrats!


Congrats!!! :tada: Fantastic job!


Thank you @Fluffhead! @OrionsCeiling I did add some extra nutrients also during the flower stage. I used Big Bud for 5 weeks of flower at half strength. And then 3 days into the week when I would do my fill only, I added Humboldts root enzymes at half strength… I was nervous about using any Humboldt products based on things ive read in here, but i went for it… I didnt use any hydroguard with this grow bc I ran out and I cant have it shipped to my state. Luckily it was the perfect season for growing here. Lots of cool nights and mild days so humidity and temp stayed nearly perfect through this grow… and to think, I almost aborted this plant in the early stages due to all the issues I had. I havent smoked any of this one yet so I cant report on that. The 1st time I grew this strain was my very 1st grow ever. I had no clue what I was doing so the quality of bud didn’t compare to my 2nd grow (Moby Dick). But the smell and amount of trichomes tell me this is going to be :fire::fire::crossed_fingers::pray::joy:


Okay sweet!! I like your regiment. I only used big bud for 3 weeks, as recommended on the bottle. I’ll be more liberal next time and instead add ~2ml/wk for 5 weeks as you did. Looks amazing!


I bought those lights @Chad_Johnson


Awesome! I dont think I prefaced, but I bought 2 sets for my grobo bc each one is a string of two lights. I’ll post some pics of my rigged up installation job later today. Lol


Thanks :joy: I remember seeing one pic. I will check the two out and then see if I wanna buy another set or return @Chad_Johnson


Would love to see how you did it. Hoping to run this strain next. I think I’ll try using Mylar before adding lights b/c I have plenty on hand. Just need to spend the time doing it.


Alright @Fluffhead and @OrionsCeiling and anyone else that wants to know how I did my extra lighting. The link above are the lights O bought. They come on a string with 2 lights so I bought two sets that way I had one light for each corner of the grobo.
Other supplies I used:
4 ft of Wood corner molding (any hardware/lumber store)
A roll of magnetic tape
Invisible tape
I cut the molding into 4-one foot pieces. Stick the magnetic tape to the back of each piece of wood . And then just a strip of invisible tape around the top and bottom of each light to house it to the wood/magnet (invisible tape looks kinda raggedy but its the only thing I could think of that would work :joy:)
Once they are all together, run the cords through the back of the grobo and out of the small rectangular hole (you will have to remove the plate covering the hole) Pictures and a gif attached to show more detail. If I didnt touch on everything, let me know 20210508_141133_1


Love this. Insane!


Thanks Todd! That means especially more to me coming from you. You were the first person to jump in and help me when I had no clue what I was doing. I appreciate all of your knowledge!


Hey @Chad_Johnson you did a great job explaining and I must say I love GIFs and you used the format perfectly. That doesn’t look raggedy at all! I was gonna say it looks super clean and I suppose my only question is, how did you keep your light on a timer? As in, the Grobo lights are timed and the additional string lights are not.

Since you grew an auto, I understand that the light schedule is less important and it is okay to have the lights on 24 on 0 off. Do you think this method would work for Photoperiods too?

I already have a light that I could see being beneficial inside the Grobo as supplemental light and I’m eager to implement it. I think I have an idea but I wouldn’t have had it without your initiative!! I’m going to post about it tomorrow to find more opinions but I think the light I have would work perfectly.

And I’m curious if I should try this critical purple auto from Grower’s Choice in order to see how I can do. I think that might be the move :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Thanks so much for your regiment by the way. I’ve learned so much from both you and @Todd.grobo gonna try and get this next grow to develop a new level of understanding between myself and the plant.