Hi I have 3 issues I could use a little help with.

1st the magnets I purchased from you scratched a nickel sized paint off the inside of the unit. Is there a special paint I can touch it up with?

  1. I was a way for a week and my grobo needed to be drained and filled, I just got home today and my app would not allow me to drain or fill, it walked me through everything but then did nothing. I filled it up manually but not sure if it’s enough or to much.

  2. Being away my plant stretched and the small buds up top got crispy from the light, I trimmed as much as I could but wanted to know if that damages anything with the grow?

I appreciate your help
Thank you

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Hi @Blackthumb,

Your help has arrived!

  1. Ouch! This is the 1st I’ve heard of the ‘rare earth’ magnets pulling off any paint. Fortunately, Sharpie has us covered. Is there a Staples in your area? We recommend this marker for touchups.

  2. Please put a support ticket into and I’ll be able to take a peek at your actual unit and offer more help. Here you are just @Blackthumb and not associated with a specific unit. Generally, filling the unit by hand will result in the unit not dosing nutrients. Ok in an emergency, but not for long.

  3. Stretch can be a real pain, especially when you are away and return to a growth spurt. I advise pushing the coco pod through the lid into the tank to give you more room at the top of the unit. Supercropping is another option you can use when you get too close to the light. Checkout this thread for deets.

Best of luck,