Cracked piece in bucket

I’ve started my fill/drain and I’ve found that the inside plastic is completely broken.

What should I do?


Ho @toeknee
I dont even have that piece in mine so you’ll be fine. As long as the actual container/tank isn’t cracked. I’d email to see if you can get a replacement


Thank you… that’s odd!

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They’ll help you out and it shouldn’t effect your grow this early

@toeknee mine was broken too but it’s only there to shield the roots from wrapping around the water level sensors

Wish they had a shield for the water sensors and that area my roots tend to get tangled around that

Hey @chris_barfield

Units that were built prior to a certain date didn’t have these root shields. I don’t know the date or if yours was forgotten.

You know the drill. Send a support ticket I know you’re not the only one.

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I have the Sheild that it’s in the picture mine was also cracked … I wish they had another shield that went over where the ph sensors and feeding tubes are … @Azuri


Ahh got you. I never thought about those ones since they don’t have any moving parts like the floats on the fill sensors. Has anyone had a negative situatuon due to no shield there? (To be honest I’ve never looked at them since I put them in) :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t really had an issue I just have to be gentle when i pull the cover off …

But on another not the browning has spread to the next set of leaves … sent a ticket in so we will see what’s happening … I will go pick up an Rh meter and temp meter tomorrow … any brand suggestions or ones to stay away from ?

@Azuri you think it could be becuase it’s a bag seed ? Maybe unhealthy genetics ? I haven’t thrown in any of the other genetics cuz I wanted to practice topping and lst with this plant since it’s a bag seed …

Not leaning to bad genetics. Don’t forget what you see on your plant can be a reaction from conditions 3 days ago. Some things happen quickly others take time to show and a few days to see the improvement. Get your humidity and temp under control and Grobo guys will check the PH and EC.

If they come back with everything ok then it’s most likely a heat issue.

Err don’t know I spent like $5 or less I forgot, bought it from the kitchen isle at Walmart! If you want a fancy digital one that does temp as well maybe even let you know when to roll up a blunt! They can go up to like $70 don’t have any reviews on them.

The blue thing in the pic below. It also has a magnet on the back so I move it up as the plant grows.

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Yea I like the idea of having he magnet will check tomorrow … ugh I wish grobo let us see the data so I can better attack the issue without having to send so many tickets …


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Morning all,

Interesting idea about the dosing/probe panel shield. I’ve only ever had issues trying to pull a large plant out with big roots, they can get caught up in the dosing tubes, so do be careful when checking your roots. I’ll pass the idea along to the design team.