Counter top water distiller

Has anyone thought of getting this counter top water distiller do you think it will be worth the money

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I’d just get an ro system. I installed my own. Super easy


@Chef @LtcTerps I am thinking ordering the 3 or 5 gallon Nestle Purified Water. Does this count as a distilled or reverse osmosis water?

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No, it would say distilled or reverse osmosis on it.


Thank you! That’s what I was concerned. You saved me from ordering a bunch of these haha


agreed needs to say distilled


I’d look into the under sink ro filter systems. Cheap and easy to install added bonus- better water to drink :call_me_hand:

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I have a counter top distiller similar to this one by H2O labs. It does a decent job, but judging from the amount of heat it puts off, and how long it takes to distill one gallon of water I don’t think it’s anymore cost efficient than buying a gallon of distilled water.

During the winter I literally raised the temp in my small apartment by over 5 degrees while running it. I ran it last week and it brought my indoor temp up over 10 degrees. If you live in an area that has hot temps, and your domicile doesn’t have air conditioning I would recommend biting the bullet and buying distilled water. My apartment during the summer, with air conditioning, averages around 67 degrees. I ran it yesterday and it was 78 degrees inside.

tldr: It puts off a lot of heat, and takes over 5 hours to distill a gallon of water. Zero Water makes a pretty dang good filter, and @Stephen has mentioned that it is sufficient for growing as it removes all dissolved solids.

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I use hot tap water when using the unit. It makes it a little faster about 3 hours it has an auto shut off once its ready.

Same. Mine only takes about 2 hours with hot tap water in it.

You must have a TINY apartment - I run a larger capacity distiller, in my garage - Does not raise the temp 1 degree.

I run mine in the kitchen and find it puts out quite a bit of heat as well. Would get a counter-top RO system but have had trouble finding a compatible adapter for my sink - it’s a funny euro-style fixture, some brita adapters I purchased in the past didn’t fit or have usable adapters either.

Hot water could bring in more sediment from the pipes (and boiler), by the way. I noticed a lot of build up afterward in my distiller tank after enough runs, and that’s just from a bit of hot water mixing with the cold due to a bad seal in the sink. It takes multiple runs with descaling powder to get rid of most of it. I believe it’s due to the sediment that builds up in the hot water tank itself and then is distributed through the pipes as the hot water is used.

That said, I’ll be trying that hot water trick now to see if it affects the buildup much; faster distilling would be ideal as I run it about 6-8x per week currently.

Also - Easier way to clean is soak the bottom with white distilled vinegar. Comes out new every time.

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I’ll try this - thank you :slight_smile:

Do you run it with the vinegar or just let it sit cold?

I ordered this one a little while back. Currently it’s on backorder still hasn’t shipped. Honestly I just like the convenience of having it here at the house so not the have to lug jugs back and forth (not to mention the high usage of plastic when buying new jugs every week). Does anyone happen to have experience with this unit? If it’s more of an inconvenience than it’s worth then I will cancel my order and search for an alternative method.

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I stand by the one I have. I use it heavily - Perfect for me, and easy to clean

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I use mine a lot also. I use it to fill my empty 1 gallon jugs.

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I fill it with hot tap water also, seems to reduce the distillation time around an hour for me. Do you use a charcoal filter with yours?

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Yes i do use a charcoal filter. I run in a few times a week I keep a stock of about 6 or 7 gallons at a time just incase I get busy and don’t have time to make more.

@shadowcipher89 @VermontGrobo @Chef

What is the purpose of running it through the carbon filter prior to distilling? I have RO water in my home, if using that would I need to still filter through carbon?

My understanding is it’s not needed, but the carbon filter helps remove additional impurities.

I would think the same Logic is true for RO water.

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