Could you transplant from soil to grobo?

I was wondering if it would be possible to take a young plant from soil to the grobo?

If so how would you do it ?

Could you open the coco pod and close it by using the force of the existing coco pod holder/tank cover ?

Just a thought as I’m a little stoned?

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Hey Chris, I don’t think you can transplant a soil grown seed/clone to the grobo unless you started it in a coco pod. Even then getting it out of the soil would pose problematic, not to mention getting it into the grobo. I don’t think that’s an option yet until they change the design of the reservoir cover. I think the team are working on getting clones viable in the grobo, which will be optimal. Hang tight and I’m sure we’ll hear from @Stephen soon on this subject. Keep on keeping on.

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Hey chris,

You technically could, although it would be a very stressful time for your plant. It would look like this:

  1. Germinate and grow seedling in coco pod sitting in a loose soil.
  2. Lift coco pod out of soil and rinse roots off.
  3. You should have a coco pod with roots shooting through it, rinsed of any remaining dirt.
  4. Place into your Grobo lid as usual, select recipe and let the unit take over from there.

Most people I talk to want to do the reverse, start in a Grobo, then finish outdoors.



@Stephen well I was just stoned wondering if it was possible but then since my current plant isn’t doing well I figured I have a nice healthy one in soil but it’s not in a coco pod so I was just asking


Paging @chris_barfield

How’s your little seedling doing?

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@Azuri welp she is not recovering and I had to cut off most of her leaves as they were curling inward and turning brown rapidly … figured I’ll take my loss and it was a bag seed anyway … so I started to germinate some of the other genetics and will end the grow once I see the tail get longer on this germinated seed… and start all over lol…


@chris_barfield good luck with the next go round! Hopefully turns out better.

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Hey @chris_barfield,

I’d do a quick wipe down of your dwc tank with a vinegar/water solution before filling and beginning your next grow. Wanting to get any pesky bacteria or pathogens out before your fresh start. Good luck!!