Could this be for fr?

The Florida medical marijuana industry has been such an overwhelming success that it seems only logical to see a recreational pot measure make its way to the ballot by November 2020. This is a bit more of a longshot than Arizona, but cannabis support groups have noted their intent to focus in 2020 on legalizing adult-use weed in Florida.
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Still i think that would be wonderful



Cannibas was decriminalized some time ago in Illinois and legislation approved legalization for all in June. Medical card holders can grow up to 6 plants (sure thing Uncle Sam). Effective date is January 1st 2020, but the ball is already rolling and medical cards can be purchased for 99$’s for basically any ailment. I’ve had a medical card for almost 2 years now, but day one of legalization will be doors closed for cannabis retail stores.

Currently, the facilities selling medical already have stock issues for roughly 77k medical card holders in this state. Once the doors open to general public of roughly 13 million people Illinois will become the home of the 800$ ounce (supply and demand) with limits on what each person can buy, not mandated by the state, but by the businesses in an effort to make sure all humans can take advantage. The facility I visit basically suggested to come in the week of Xmas and stock up as they fully expect to be completely out of stock day one.

It will be a lot like Colorado was at first, but over the following years (2020-2024) more distribution licenses will be granted so more people can reap the healing beneifts of cannabis. A lot of states are taking notice of the western states and the massive tax revenues collected from the sales of cannabis. I would expect the state of Florida to follow suit, at least before it’s mostly underwater.


Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Canada sold out all cannabis nation wide in 1 month with several vendors selling out on the first day too. Was rather amusing to watch


Not allowing rec users to grow their own will keep the big business boys happy by extorting higher prices for government approved cannabis


They let us card holders grow yes without penalty. But Illinois won’t let any more legal conmercial grow ops for like the first 3 to 5 years or so. Which I thought was interesting since it already costs 2 mill in cash asset just to hold a commercial grow license with renewal at 120k a year…


Yep straight extortion :-1::exploding_head::fu: