Cost of unit in Canada sad really

I just seen the mark up pricing and this is crazy. Canadian residents should get a discount I don’t care if your customers are in the US.
We want to support companies in our country but companies like yours always fall on the US like they are the worthy customers. I love the idea of your product and I would love to have one but evening on CPP and only getting 850 a month doesn’t allow me to buy one!
When I go to the nursery to buy a fruit tree or plant do they charge me for how much fruit it going to yelled?? BREAKDOWN
1 APPLE IS .75$ the tree is going to give me 100 units
.75 × 100=75.00$
So the tree is going to cost 75$. You based your pricing on the fact that you have the potential to yelled 1 oz and an oz in Canada is all different prices depending where you live and what on line pharmacy you use. Also keep in mind I get compassion pricing with 20% off because of the CPP.
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Hi Norr,

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We currently charge in USD because we have fantastic customers around the world, however we are looking into opening a store in CAD.

The price of the Grobo One, however, will not be any different as it is already as low as it can go. This is a premium product made and assembled in Canada and that quality, combined with the cutting edge technology that we have developed for this system, is not cheap. Our selling price is entirely based on how much it costs for us to actually build each Grobo One. The reason we talk about how much you can grow, and what the return on investment (ROI) is, is so that our customers understand that this is an investment which pays for itself.

One day we hope to make the price of Grobo accessible to everyone, but for now we are very proud to be supporting Canadian jobs and manufacturing, and we can’t wait for people to see the love and care that goes into building each Grobo!



Canadians should def get a 5% love hug!

Yea, but you guys have free health care… so… evens out right?


This is exactly why I decided to invest in the Seedo Lab product instead. Not having any Canadian incentive for a Canadian product is just silly. The Seedo is also in USD but has more internal width and harvest output.

When I gave up on Grobo it really opened my eyes to these great alternatives and luckily I bought mine at a 50% discount, arriving Jan 2018. Can’t wait!

Really? That sounds just like Donald Trump’s “America First” crap. Really glad grobo doesn’t follow a nationalist policy.

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