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Nov. 19th just 10 more day to Harvest time OMG


Looks nice but so white with no orange. Not likely to be ready for another few weeks or longer. How old?



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She has 4 days left before flush. She’s around 40% orange hairs the lower level still white but I see their starting to turn as well.

there are no orange hairs in any of the photos you posted. Be careful not to pull down early.


Todd is right, I’d give her a few more weeks (imo 2 weeks minimal) by extending her schedule


So we’re on day 101 and this is hows she looking gonna harvest this week then dry for 2 weeks and then curing


Nuggs are drying 2 days left the smell is increasing and incredible.
Got my Jars ready
My 2way humidity packs
My meters
And my sheers lets go baby

Next time I’ll only try 1 seed im very lucky that she even lasted after I cut off her other sister. I think my yield will be alot bigger considering she won’t have to fight with another plant for nutrition


Congrats on your harvest!


Congrats on harvest n welcome


Nice harvest :slight_smile:

Damn, you planted two in the same pod? Heh… interesting to see, but yea… probably not the best idea for such a small place for the roots and how big they end up getting in the DWC res.

You know, I think you could have extended veg longer and got a better yield, judging from the pics. I know you had said about killing her sister and fighting a plant for nutrition, but once the 2nd plant was removed there was time to nurse your initial plant into a larger state before the flip to flower!

Still, looks like a great harvest for such a small girl! I would be stoked regardless! Keep us updated on the dry weight

This pic looks awesome!

Such a beautiful plant.

I love seeing the dominant cola with the large fans basically saying “I’m head lady in charge here!”


Not bad altogether just under 33g dry weight.
I think the grobo might have dried out the bud too much cause the bud was super brittle but omg trichomes everywhere super sticky and shimmers like diamonds even with gloves was still super sticky.
Gonna cure for 2 weeks and burp even thou they look and feel like I could smoke one now hmmmmmm lol…