Constant PH dosing or "Why the hell can't I see the data in my machine without opening a support ticket?"

Dried my last harvest and started a new one on Saturday. When I went to check the plant yesterday, I noticed 3/4 of the bottle of Nutrient 1 has been used in ~72 hours (full when I planted). Opened a support ticket and Stephen advised it’s been dosing EVERY HOUR trying to get the PH up.

Are you kidding me? This thing has known it was having trouble for days and the only way to detect it is to open a support ticket? No, seriously, @Stephen, @bjorn, are you kidding me?

I’m about to setup an automatic mail to be sent everyday to to tell me my PH, EC and Environmental data, basic information I feel should be available to me since I paid for all the hardware. This is absolutely unacceptable to charge more than $2k on a machine, not including required add-ons, and not even have it alert you when it’s having trouble. Hell, give me access to my data and I’ll monitor it myself. This Apple-esque approach to “a seamless experience” while hiding access to my hardware is insane.

If this seed dies, I’ll be going 100% manual with nutrients and just using the light to maintain a mother while I look for a prospective buyer to offload. For way less money I can get Smartthings to alert me when there’s an issue.



Now that I’m coming more familiar with all the information that is coming at me, I’m wanting to know the (ins and outs) of the more detailed data too:

No need for this happening for no reason: :scream:

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One Day Not Cleaning my (PHprobe) (PHsensor): :scream:

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I wish they had a basic growers mode & an advanced growers mode. Basic how it is now with the help of support. Advanced for the growers who want to see there stats & adjust there formula.


Hey @Tito,

We totally hear you and understand the frustration. We want our growers to have the tools to understand how the unit is working and giving more information on the status of your system is a priority right now.

For the past few months our software team has been working on new algorithms to detect issues in the system. Just yesterday they pushed it to the back end so that we can start seeing potential problems on the admin side and confirming that the algorithms are all working.

It will still take a few months of testing and refinements before you see anything in the app, but we’re making the Grobo smarter every day. You can expect that more information about the health of your system will be shared down the road.



From a new grower, this is a must. We call this a set it and forget it (I got the email today) but the truth is that’s not at all the case; not even close. This is a lot of work and without being a leaf whisperer, most of it seems to be guess work. It’s difficult to create a ticket when you don’t know something is an issue. My pump didn’t work for 2 days and bottle # 5 didn’t work for the first 40 and having never grown before, I didn’t know this wasn’t the way the unit should perform. This is too technical a product to be calling it “plant and harvest” especially when we don’t have this information available.

Really looking forward to the changes.


How has this problem been addressed since your comment? I am a first time grower as well and would definitely appreciate having access to the data so I can learn from it as I go and also see that everything is functioning properly on a daily basis instead of just crossing my fingers and hoping that it does it’s job


Hi there @robert_kiernan! I haven’t had my Grobo very long, just planted my first seed 10 days ago.

I just looked and yes.

I emailed myself! It really doesn’t say anything except last login or something but what’s it going to tell me? I just started and would be clueless what to do with the information but for the more advanced Grobo user that knows what’s up and has info on their spreadsheet, I’m sure this is a useful tool!

Anyway, I really just wanted to say Welcome to AG! Lots of wonderful, knowledgeable people here to help each other out. :smiley:


The data they send you is only your account information, such as email address, last/current login IP address, and timezone. Not what Robert is looking for.


From what I’ve seen above, no traction on I proving the software side of things in almost a year since I posted this.

Cannot overstate how much I recommend building your own system.


I am currently also building a side DWC project while we see what the Grobo does and then I’ll just get another PH and EC meter and test the water in the Grobo separately I guess? Then eventually sell it when I figure out what the hell im doing… sad.


I’d have to say, as a newbie, I wouldn’t understand the techy info I “think” you’re looking for, but I think it would be amazing if we could open the app and find out temp/RH/water temp/see inside via app, basic kind of stuff like that.

I LOVE my grobo! I did some very overwhelming growing reading, was invited to see a friend’s grow set up and then put off for months (I get it, they’re protective, why invite tho?), been wanting to do this for quite a while, finally came across Grobo videos.


I digress, I’m a sweeper, I enter sweepstakes everyday, big hobby, Grobo ran one for a free unit, didn’t win but that was how I discovered Grobo.

Anyway, I admit to being a bit disillusioned by the videos. I purchased my Grobo thinking great!, I can buy this, some pruning shears, distilled water, mason jars, RH packs, seeds, badda-bing. Learn how to grow a plant at a time in an automated system that’s going to take care of all of my other needs until I got this shit down and can grow more plants, or so it would appear, would it not?

We all learn in many ways, visually, audibly, etc. I pick up things every which way but they stick the best when I DO. Hands on, multiple times. And that was before I starting taking the ditzy drug topemax or smoking weed, lol, so this seemed the perfect learning curve!

It really still is, although I did not expect to have to learn so much so fast. I didn’t expect to have to purchase so many extras to create the right environment, etc. I really thought the Grobo did all of that. It wasn’t until I made it to AG finally that I learned there’s a bit more to it.

Personally, less than a month in, I haven’t lost my :star_struck: :heart_eyes: for Grobo in the least. I see all the successes on here and I know it’s because of the Grobo, the Grobo team, and the AG support system here.

I wish you success Robert!


Complaints about inaccessible sensor data going back years… not a good look.

Why do we still not have access to the real time sensor data?


Give us our data!!!

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Almost 2 years ago he posted that, hasn’t happened yet…won’t happen anytime soon.

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It’s nice to get a reminder every 2-6 months in my email that moving on from Grobo was an excellent choice.

By the way, my friend who bought the Grobo with me asked to have it changed to his email and these fine folks wanted $75 to make the switch.

Maybe I’ll post a whole walkthrough to setup your own tent automation.


Yes. While I actually do like grobo (but I’m an amateur), it should be clearly noted that if you buy a used Grobo, you will be paying a fee to get it working on your account.