Connection issues [RESOLVED]

@SWSVIC Have you posted any photos of your setup on AG? I’m curious as to what your camera setup looks like.


I have not, however it is very a very simple set up. I use a two camera Amazon Blink system. I chose this particular system because it
has a wireless receiver in which I have mounted just above my Grobo which communicates with the cameras, I felt this was an advantage over a camera inside the unit trying to connect directly to my router which is not near the unit. On one of the cameras I attached 4 small/ridiculously strong magnets to the mount and attached it to the the interior wall of the Grobo during early veg and some of late veg moving it up as the plant grew. Once my plant became too wide to capture the entire canopy from the side angle I opted to move the camera to the top of the unit next to the light. The other camera is simply wall mounted outside the front of the unit focusing on the LED indicator light and fluid glass window so that I may monitor the status remotely (if there is one thing I would love to see from Grobo it would be to receive email alerts when the unit loses connection, is undergoing a firmware update, etc…)

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 2 Camera Kit

On a side note: I put electrical tape over the IR illuminator of the the interior camera as it was still giving off a small amount of IR light even after turning it off using the Blink app. What is Grobo’s take on IR light hitting a flowering plant during “lights out” time?

Here is a screen shot of the blink app showing what my cameras see:


@SWSVIC Thanks for the detailed explanation. Great thinking about having a separate receiver. I like that the cameras aren’t fixed so you have flexibility to alter angles. It might be fun to try and get your setup to upload a photo per day automatically to an AG post, or maybe one day the grow journal. :nerd_face:

Appreciate your feedback on the Grobo, I’ve noted it. :slight_smile:


I’m having this problem and I would like to know how do I go about it. I have done everything just as these growers did and still having the problem myself now.