Connected to the Grobo- No LED lights - [Resolved]

Hmm hard to say it might have only been partially connected and maybe just not pushed in enough?


Fair enough, could’ve shifted in transit.

Do you remember the steps you took to disassemble or how many screws You needed to remove?

I could just open the bottom panel on the back and check for loose connections?

I may have a different version that you as well. The inside of my door has two screws on top and 3 hold the door

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The wood top has two screws at the top in the front accessible when door is open and two screws around the same location in the back at top. None of the side screws need to come off. Once’s those four screws are out the wood lifts straight up.


So do I really need the outside LED? You mentioned you unplugged yours altogether.

Does the app notify you that you need a drain and or fill?

Trying going into the web based app click your light settings option then change the light setting… save it then go back and put it to light setting you want and the lights might turn back on and run normally … this happens to me all the time. Only other thing is your exhaust that cools the led is not working and that alert the software to not turn on the led In efforts to not overheat it


Personally having a new machine the lights have been imperative to figuring things out quickly.

The LED light on the front of your Grobo shows the different states that your Grobo One is in. Below you can see what each colour and pattern means for your Grobo:

pink.png Pulsing Pink: Grobo One is booting up, your unit will be ready to start growing soon!

green.png Solid Green: Grobo One is ready to connect to the internet. Follow instructions on how to connect to WiFi.

light_blue.png Pulsing Light Blue: Grobo One is connected to the internet and running as it should be!

light_blue.png Fast Blinking Light Blue: Grobo One has lost connection to the internet. It should reconnect on it’s own in a few minutes. If not, unplug and plug the unit back in to get connected again!

yellow.png Pulsing Orange: Grobo One is growing your plant but it’s lost the internet connection. You’ll only be able to use the Grobo app when your Grobo One reconnects to WiFi.
Otherwise these all look pretty good.

blue.png Pulsing Blue: Grobo One is in a special mode Ex. Filling, draining, door unlocked

red.png Solid Red: Grobo One has a critical error - if this occurs for longer than a few minutes, try resetting your Grobo.

If that does not work, please contact our support team:

purple.png Blinking Purple: Grobo One is flashing new firmware. Firmware is like the brain of your Grobo. We will periodically push updates to your Grobo to better your growing experience, so you don’t need to worry about this one!


Never thought of changing the light settings and saving - fix

Tried it and it didn’t work for me. The settings change, saved a quick blackout inside the grobo. Still no Outside light LED

Thanks, was worth a try

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Wait which might we talking the actual grow light or the led that flashes ?

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The Outside LED that was flashing all the time

If the app or email notifies me of updates or drains and fills then I don’t need the LED

How do the fill and drains notifications happen?

The light has zero impact on anything. It simply an indicator of wifi connectivity. Mine has been unplugged for the last two grows.

Think of it like the little light on a laptop or PC that shows hard drive activity. If you unplug the light function in the background is still happening but just no indicator light.

Bottom line, the light if pulsing blue means connected to your wifi network. I know my unit has no issues with this so I unplugged the “dummy” light (no disrespect meant) and all app functions, notifications and lastly wifi all work I just don’t have a dummy light.

I have purposely unplugged mine. I don’t not like the pulsing light in the grow chamber when it should be in total darkness. Maybe I’m too OCD but I found some bananas on my first grow so I don’t know what the source of stress was so I’m making sure it isn’t the pulsing blue light leak as I call it.


I had my LED indicator solid green on day 20 grow and everything was working fine. I was able to access my grobo through the app like normal. I just pulled the plug on my grobo and the LED indicator went back to normal.

If you can’t access or your grobo through the app and the lock/light button doesnt work but the grobo is still running (grow LEDS, bubbers), something is faulty on the LED indicator and door/led button.

This is a head scratcher


Thank you Azuri.

Appreciate the community!


Thanks, I’m not going to over think this. The LED appears to be useless to me anyways. Since it has zero impact on operations I’ll disregard this entirely.

I considered putting tape over it after day 1 :joy:

Thanks to all again.

Funny you should say this. I put tape on mine first grow then stood in a completely dark room opened the door and still could see the blue pulsing inside the grobo, light sneaks through various places and took the lid off and found the acrylic light was several inches long so my black tape on the little square you see at the front of the unit does not stop the pulsing inside worked fine for outside of the grobo. :joy:

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Oh one last thing no indicator light “may” cause you troubleshooting issues if you (or anyone) are having issues connecting to your home Wifi, be confident your network is good and the connection then you can forget about it.

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I went ahead and attached a note to my open helpdesk ticket requesting that if it’s not impacting production I’d rather it stay off and do disregard my support request

I’m confident in my network skills :joy::+1:


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Oh I thought you meant the actual grow light

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Good stuff I don’t want to direct you one way or another just making it clear I’m good with no indicator light.

Haha I can go on and on…once I removed the little connector from the connection point I found the origin of the pulsing light is actually on the circuit board and it’s just a fibre optic that brings the light to the front of the square in the grobo.

Try this @James

Look through the cooling metal mesh in a darkened room at the back top of the grobo, even though your little light at the front of the grobo is not working if you look through that mesh you will see it pulsing peaking through there directly off the circuit board. (I think you can see it without taking the wood off)


You guys rock! I really didn’t want to bother the grobo team with a helpdesk ticket. It being the weekend and all. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

No worries @Azuri this is not on you and “I appreciate you sharing your experience”

Unrelated - and they say bees are on the decline…


Save the bees we need them

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