Hello all, I have actually not ordered my Grobo YET , but the only thing stopping me is one concern. I saw that the Grobo Premium runs on nutrient bottles like other boxes . Is a good cannabis grow absolutely dependant on having those nutrient bottles filled? If so , I am kind of concerned about what if Grobo did go belly up, or somehow lose capability to produce them, would I then be stuck with a 2300.00 dollar paperweight?

My common sense kind of tells me that it shouldn’t be THAT hard to find out what goes in the bottles and refill them with stuff ordered from a third party , or even buy the nutrient bottles from another company. So is this the case? Will I be able to run this thing and have good grows no matter what? Cause if so, I will place my order for one today and will be on here talking about my first grow very soon. Thank you in advance for any help, sincerely, a total newbie to growing.

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The truth is that Grobo feels the ingredients of the bottles are proprietary and ONLY suggest using their products to avoid “clogging” of the feed lines. I thought about this too when I purchased but worst case scenario you can add your own nutrients weekly and run the machine that way by bypassing their dosing.

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Grobo has stated that if the company closes they will still have a business model selling nutrients. I wouldnt be too worried about it.


Hey @Jc1,

I’ve responded to your support ticket too.


Check out this article Bjorn our CEO wrote recently.
It’s not rocket science, all plants want nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.



Honestly I am now gravitating towards a super closet, same price tag, ungodly difference in space so I can grow plenty, seems it would be tall enough for autoflower sativa strains with some training, hydro root feed all I have to do is buy nutes anywhere and add them to my water ( Which it actually does for me ) it comes with a drying tent and a cloning station and dual grow chambers built into it for a continuous cycle, I am seriously hard pressed why I wouldn’t pick the SC .