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This gave me a good chuckle, welcome on a Monday morning for sure!

Dr. Wiz Winky

I kinda like it. :blush:



My end of the year is on… 12:AM Mondays are here… I still work on the weekends… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Update day!

Quick pic on progress roughly a month to go on my grow hoping the extra time spent growing/training pays off in yield. :+1:


@Azuri so tall! Looking good with a month to go.


@Azuri my plant reached your Height I have 4 main colas reaching that ending and another three that are just about there but on the sides of the grobo … mine just started to build her buds … funny how our grows are almost similar …

Here’s a pic of a bud or two before bedtime


Crazy how my leaves are so much thinner and smaller in shape compared to yours … weird how mine grows but she is def taking after her dad “the cube”


Day 5 White Widow - canuk seeds. She’s alive!


Shell grow quick now!





What do you think - cut her down and start again?


Hi @greenman,

I saw your ticket today and responded, but I’ll give my 2 cents here too if you don’t mind. (I see you responded to my response) :slight_smile:

It appears that a bacteria has invaded your system. I’ve seen this once and it’s indicator is a rapidly falling pH. It’s not going to present with slime or with anything at you can see like an algae or mold would. Sometimes a smell, but not always. The biggest indicator is going to be falling ph, especially drastically falling ph.

You should clean it all out. Follow this thread for Sterilization of your unit.

You may want to consider adding an after market product like Hygrozyme to add some beneficial microbes to your reservoir.

I would try and keep this girl going, seems you are close to harvest and those buds look delicious. You can remove the yellow/brown leaves, they aren’t helping and won’t recover.

Good luck!


Try and save it green!

About around 3 weeks until harvest time buds starting to fill out, time for some pics. :camera_flash:


Great idea im using orca in my grobo I was scared going from soil would allow for contamination … but roots are strong as trees and no slime or anything …

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@Azuri she’s looking great and really chunky nugs that’s excting

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@Azuri your pics inspired me to snap some of mine lol … well here’s my trapstar by Exotic Genetix I believe I just entered week 4 of flowering I honestly forgot … but anyway she’s producing more bud sites by the day … she just started to get her sugar on leaves and some pistils are turning pink … been lowering night temps to about 68 degrees Fahrenheit to induce some colors or try atleast… but I have quite a bit of bud sites that should stack up nicely those four main colas are really going insane the preflowers on the back cola to the left won’t pop their pistils just yet but the pre flowers have swelled enormously … no idea if that’s an indicator of anything like better yield but just interesting to me that it’s taking that long to pop those hairs… all in all she’s doing great super frosty around the bud sites … :crossed_fingers:t3:For some nice colors to come in soon

She’s looking nice after a haircut


Hey @chris_barfield

My buds are fattening up nicely I’m already estimating how much, lol that bud is an 1/8th that bud is a 1/4, lol.

Your plant is looking great, It looks to be a sativa strain? At this point your trimming looks great too. I’ve not had to do any trimming now that my plant is focusing on flowering. We should be harvesting about the same time.

Going forward I’m going to do less trimming in veg stage it just uses to much energy and slows progress down to much imo.


@chris_barfield @Azuri both of your plants are looking awesome!


TrainWreck update


OK @Todd.grobo, @Stephen, let the little girl dance. Other than a few bad leaves, she does look nice.