Color of fluid glass

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

I have been wondering if it is possible to change the color of the fluid glass on the Grobo premium? Looking at pictures on the website it appears the color has changed from a purple’ish pink to a blue. Can the color of the glass be changed by the user? How?

Are the newer units coming with the blue glass?

This guy got both?!?!?


Got my unit in September and this is the color of mine:

I coulda sworn it was more purple in flower my last grow because I noticed a difference when I started the new grow.

I took this pic in anticpation that once I hit flower it would be more of a purple, was gonna show the Blue into Purple transition… never changed as far as I know really…

This made me paranoid that my red spectrum wasn’t working properly too… but when I take pics in there it’s purple-ish and I could see red streaks of light when I used flash so there’s definitely red spectrum involved as far as I can tell.


The blue is the correct colour for the unit. Mine started purple and ended blue too, i believe that’s normal as it heats up


Oh you mean like… heating up over the course of a grow or two and changing color? So yours looks like mine even in flower mode?

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