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I changed my water yesterday and today I wake up to my boy looking like this. Is this normal should I be worried :worried:


Yeah pretty normal
Let us know if it spreads


I could NOT say. Don’t know anything about a gowbo

Your Cocopod seems a might low, but the upper growth looks to be fine, that’s your major concern. They’re not getting much light love. What are the genetics?

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Girl scout

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  • (PutInATicket): [:ticket: :tickets:]: {ClickHere}:

  • (The Lower Leaves [:leaves:] Are Not Normal): (You Can Put In A Ticket [:tickets:] In The Mean Time Here Are A Few Things You Can Do):

  • (How Do Your Roots Look Like [White Clean -Or- / Slimy -And- Stinky]):?

  • (What Are Your Temps To Your Water Tank -And- Inside Your Grobo):?

  • (Your Coco-Pod Should Be Dried Out From This Point In Time):?

  • (How Does Your Lower Stock Look Like):? (Check To See If You Have Damping Off):

  • (I Would Clean Both Sensors Before You Do Your [Dain/Fills]): {:bathtub:}:

  • (Plant Looks Thirsty Below): (Try [Topping-Up] Your Water Tank At least Once Before [Drain/Fill] Day):


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That sounds cool…lol.

Is your airstone working?

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Yeah… What do you mean?

I bubble my water in a 55gal tub that I attached a faucet to so my city water will burb.
Otherwise what do you mean

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I meant that for @Dee_Dee but there’s an airstone in the Grobo that bubbles oxygen to the water reservoir. If it’s not on then the plant may wilt or lose its healthy look very rapidly due to lack of oxygen.

And I’m sure that 55gal tub is awesome. I need a res for my ladies. Maybe an 18gal tub will work for me with a bubbler… nice idea @Merle_Carsten!


I added a second air stone in the beginning. And they both are working


Well, if that’s the case I second Todd, it’s pretty normal for your lower growth to wilt after you have new growth shoot out.

Just keep an eye on it to make sure it does not migrate up the plant.

Good job so far!


I got another one that’s 20 gallon on top so I can bubble how many gallons I need then I’m building a watering system that will give all plants exactly the same amount of water and when it’s feeding day you put your batch in the reservoir hit the button and it Waters it for you so you don’t got to climb in between all them limbs. It’s going to extend from my trellis and my trellis is all flowing through the middle so but when it gets to a certain point it’s going to divide it up into four parts so each plant gets the same amount of newts and water in between time


That’s sounds like a dope system

Here are the parts. I just need a pump and That’s on the way. And a 20gal tote

My new G Choice controller just got to put this 8 bar G Choice 8 bar got it yesterday


Yeah you gotta bless me with a how to video although I’m far away from being ready to do actually do it because I’m just starting I like to do my research ahead time. That way I can get a head start on knowing the prices of everything needed. For example although I haven’t made it through my first grow I’ve already ordered 2 heat press machines. Don’t know when I’ll be able to use it but when I’m ready I won’t have to wait lol.


Ok I’ll do a video for you and to be truthful. I got my first Grower’s Choice ROI 4 bar ( can’t remember numbers lol) and they are on the best commercial grade lamps. The 4 bar cost me $530.00 the first GC 8 bar is awesome too. And now I got a deal because I go to my shop for everything unless I invent it or can get it cheaper. Lot’s of companies will BS you. I promise you’ll love all Grower’s Choice products. I even buy there seeds after I seen some grown in a video. I’ll make a video and link it to you. I’m going to do it this morning after work. I do graveyard Security guard…2200hrs to 0600hrs eastern. But I’ve been wanting to do it for you all anyways. Thanks for the push. I’ll make it that’s when we can do it. That controller cost 350.00 and the new light $945.00 he gave me both for $1050.00 out the door…
Flintstoned I’m from Flint Michigan toxicity here…
But that’s my handle for Youtube :joy:


Lol I’ll be waiting

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