Code Red: Paging Dr Stephen [RESOLVED]

Dr. @Stephen you’re needed in the ICU.

Patient Name: Maui (Yes, I named my plant Maui.)
Sex: Female
Strain: Pineapple Express
Age: 2+ Years

Dr. Stephen, I feel I need your consultation and recommendations.

From the first day I purchased my Grobo (Probably over two years ago). I took a Pineapple Express seed and hid it away. I told myself it would be my first grow when the Grobo came. Well… my Grobo finally came, I planted my little girl, and to my surprise, my seed actually germinated and sprouted after 2 years in holding. I was so proud! She was growing healthy up until about day 18. However, during day 17 - 18 or so I got my new replacement Grobo (Will spare you my details on what went wrong with the first unit) and transferred my little girl to the new unit.

I assumed I had everything set up and ready to go, however… I did not, and essentially my little girl spent all day in the dark cabinet. (I’m a terrible papa!) When I realized nothing was working I opened up to take a look at her she was very sad and droopy and withering. I’ve gotten all the kinks worked out on the new unit with the help of Chief Resident Surgeon @bruno yesterday, but my plant doesn’t seem to be improving. (Pic attached).

The up side, she doesn’t seem to be getting much worse either… but she does continue to look very very sad. Is there anything I can do to help her recovery? I feel I may have doomed her to a short life span, and she was so young! Should I trim some leaves off of her or, I don’t know… check some, roots? Or… something? I don’t know. (I’m not a Plant Doctor man!)

Lol, ok for reals though, I might cry if this plant dies on me after holding onto the seed for so long! Any tips to get her to perk back to life??


Hi SterlingNico,

Nice to hear from you again, welcome back! Please submit a ticket to so I can assess your data, get a feel for your grow and make some recommendations. We may be able to save her, I’ll do my best for you!


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Will do!

Hi SterlingNico,

Everything looks fine from your data standpoint. It seems you are using tap water with a fairly high pH (8+) and your system is slowly bringing it down. I recommend RO or distilled for water. If your air pump is popping bubbles onto your roots, all we can do is hope and wait.



Thanks Stephen!

I actually got the notification that it’s time for a refill. And I’m going to swing by the grocery store and pick up some distilled water for this next week to use in the Grobo. I’ll hook it up to her IV this evening! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! I’ll keep you posted!


I’ve replaced the water with some distilled. And now… we pray.


An update. Checked my little Maui this morning. Def looks like some leaves are browning. But I really can’t tell if she’s improving or not. Here’s the most recent photo. I’m thinking I might give her until Monday before I consider taking her off life support and start over.

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@SterlingNico are the roots touching the water?

They are.

Are the roots white, yellowish or brown?

Hmm. I’d say they look brown.


Yea my roots have turned brown as well except I continue to get new growth but then it ends up turning brown and dieing…

Yeah my friend, you have a problem. Get a ticket in as soon as possible to and they will take care of you. Send it to @Stephen. You probably either picked the wrong recipe, or maybe your nutrients didn’t push out, or you might have checked the root system too many times. Roots don’t like light. Just my guess at this point. Send it now though so they get to you on Monday. Leave her be until then though as there is nothing you can really do.

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((#8MonthsAgo))… ((#ImissedthisPostAtTheTime))… :cry::sob:

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