Coco Transplant Nutrients

Just germinated six seeds which will be getting put into solo cups in coco this weekend (more on the grow room build in a later post).

Wondering what the recommendations are for nutrients while in the solo cups, and what to apply when transplanting to fabric pots? I’m planning on straight RO water until I see 2 nodes on each before transplanting to give enough recovering time before mainlining some.

Also, what are the thoughts around putting germinated seeds directly into the fabric pot they’re going to live in? Any advantage, disadvantage assuming I water near the seedling manually until she’s building size?

What’s the recommendations from the community?


I used ph’d tap water w/ some root enhancers in super soil w/ worm castings for the first several weeks. So basically ph’d tap water in soil. Really only started feeding nutes about (general hydroponics lineup, FishSh!t & aerated tea in tap water - also mix some of this in rain water to spray the plants every few days) 2 weeks ago now and will soon flip to flower. If you have a rich soil there is no need for nutrients for a while, but I’m certain many have preferences and opinions on what works best. Some folks like ole natural and others chem. My plants are thriving.

I also went straight from seed into their final home - no issues so far and unaware of any real advantages for doing this, but there can be some disadvantages. It’s recommended to move in stages. Congrats on your grow room!

Need a bit more info… what medium coco? Soil? Etc if your using a good soil you won’t need to ph the water as it will buffer itself … as for nutrients in solo cups it depends on what medium … coco you need to give nutes right away soil if it’s good you won’t … when growing from seed it’s up to you if you want to pop the seed in it’s final pot… if your running cloth pots then the roots will take long to grow a mass instead they will grow outward to the end of the pots and become long strands of roots… when you restrict size of the pot the roots learn to grow inwards to make up for not being able to stretch … this would be the root mass and that also means more roots which means more surface area for the plant to absorb water , oxygen, and nutes… hence the reason transplanting is the better way to go … i go from solo cup to 1 gallon cloth pot and stay there till my plants sex then when I’m ready to flip I transplant to a five gallon cloth pot and my roots are insane @James is right with including root enhancers they work just invest in a good one… roots are more important than anything so treat them right and you will have a happy harvest

Good call on the root mass, didn’t even think about that.

Any brand of root enhancers you’d recommend for coco? I’m going to be doing the first round in pure coco and feed via drip nutrients (advanced nutrients sensi ph perfect)