Coco seed pods


Does anyone know of a UK Alternative to the grobo cocopods :wink:??

Park Seed Company and forum search feature! :wink:

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As far as I can see there to small :roll_eyes:!

Just found the 18 Cell :wink: Only i can’t see any UK Shipping :thinking:??

Cant believe there so difficult to find in UK :roll_eyes:!!


@Gmann They don’t ship to Canada either, by the way! :frowning: :canada:


My ph sensor didn’t come with a cap for the solution & I’ve stupidly knocked it over :roll_eyes:

What is the solution & where could I possibly buy it from in UK :wink:??

This is what I do when cleaning, inbetween grows.

The pH sensor is in distilled water and EC sensor in tap water, in ziploc bags held up by magnets:

If you’re going to be doing it for longer than a few hours or overnight I’d suggest picking up some of the proper KCl solution: : kcl solution