Coco pods

Hello All,

Anyone out there have an internet source for coco pods that work with the grobo?

I’ve seen several on amazon. The reason I ask is grobo order to receive is really slow. Although my grobo is scheduled to arrive tomorrow many of the items I purchased with it have yet to ship. I did receive one Grow kit yesterday so I have 1 pod for first grow. Just hoping there are no issues w/ it and if there is I won’t be ready to roll again immediately.

Support Racks - not shipped
Grow kits - ordered 2 got one of two
Coco pods - ordered 4 extra - not shipped

Any idea on why the shipping of these products is staggered? If it’s the norm, so be it, but I’ve never dealt w/ a vendor that only gives you partial fulfillment for something paid in full. :thinking: not taking a shot at the grobo team as they’ve surpassed my expectations so far, just wondering what the thinking is behind that.

The greenhouses near me (really a lack of greenhouses and supply stores in my general area) typically stop ordering this stuff when Summer rolls around as most plants are already in the soil.

Thoughts on these?
General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs 50 count

Thanks in advance

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Hear your issues friend. Usually arrives from a few days to a week myself. Some of the more experienced growers have spares of everything to be preventative but its totally up to you. Just my 2 cents

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Hey Todd,

Appreciate the response.

Well, that’s the plan at least to have spares on hand. Sure, I’m all set for my first grow, but that’s not really what my inquiry is about. I’d like to be prepared in the off chance that someone happens and the coco pod and seed need to be tossed (stuff happens). To me it’s time wasted if I’m not prepared in the event of failure.

So, if anyone has an online source for cocopods that want to share I’d appreciate it. These will be used for the grobo

Hey @James,

I can shed some light here. All of our consumables come from our fulfilment centre in PA. The units are built and shipped from MI. This is a result of our struggles with the US border. We are working to integrate the grow kit back into the unit as it was when we started. This will solve the issue of the unit arriving separately from the nutes/cocopod/etc.

For the fulfilment centre, I’m working out the kinks and expect shipping times to be very quick. Right now we are out of stock on cocopods. 100’s shipped out last week, so I expect orders to start being filled again soon. Just takes a couple days to restock the inventory.

As far as other sources for coco pods, I’d advise caution. They are specifically designed to fit in our lids and provide that delicate balance of water/oxygen. Order a couple extra to have on hand is the best advice I’ve heard.



Hey try park seed company. They are the perfect size see:


And James, I haven’t found any rapid rooters that are big enough to fit in grobo, they’ll just fall through

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And you can use this code for $5 off


Thanks for the reply @Stephen

Ordering extra is exactly what I did when I placed my order on June 30th which you folks at grobo beat the estimated time from build to ship so kudos on that as it’s appreciated, however shipping of all the extras & consumables that are ordered should come at once and probably before the grobo arrives. It’s a giant paperweight with out the consumables.

I know you would prefer we use grobo specific items and honesty I would as well, but If you’re unable to meet the demand in a timely manner then the community is forced to either wait or seek outside options which is what I’m doing here. I do appreciate you cautioning the community in regards to potential problems and design flaws of other products.

I can understand that you’ve run out of cocopods (it happens) and are awaiting restock, that’s fine, but doesn’t negate the other items that will not arrive with or before my unit does.

As a consumer/soon to be owner that leaves a lot to be desired in the fulfillment process which is why I engaged the community as some others have posted they’re no longer using grobo nutes and figured maybe someone had a source for pods. Personally I just want to be prepared in an “oh crap” moment. I can’t possibly do that with the current fulfillment process.

I’d like to point out my willingness to continue to support grobo and order directly from you. Options tend to be positive for consumers. Amazon gets me my orders in two days and while I don’t expect grobo to compete with the mega companies, it is the standard for all consumers in today’s world.




Thank you. This is why I engaged the community so I didn’t waste time or money on a product that wouldn’t fit.


@James, I’m feeling your pain right now because I too am waiting on my kit that came with my unit. I did order a second kit that I got really fast so I can absolutely start with that one and not have to feel the harshness of having a system to just sit and stare at. I really hope the flow is more steady as the company grows and its good to know that once you get started there is 3-4 months before you really need another kit unless like you said, something goes wrong! I plan on having at least 2-3 kits at all times! I do however wish my Grobo was shipped as fast as yours! I feel for prior users who had to endure years of waiting!!! This is for you! :medal_sports::rainbow::cake::100:


What size is this. Is that the 18 cell?

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The rapid rooters aren’t long enough. I look at those too. I just make sure to stockpile the cocopod so I have them on hand. I order 10 at a time.

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Those pods are the same size as grobo?

Yes indeed, 18 cell. The biggest one they make I believe :+1::v:



Coco pods



So I’m also waiting for an order to ship, ordered pods+microscope+calibration kit. Thinking that I should’ve split that in two orders if the other items are slowing down the pods – anyone know if that’s the case?

The park seeds pods look promising but I would need to use a reshipping company to get them here (they won’t ship direct to Canada). They are also out of stock for another two weeks so that’s not really an option to get them asap.

I’m thinking about picking up some big grodan cubes and cutting them to size. Another option might be to make an insert so the smaller pods from other manufacturers will fit snug, though those pods come with negative reviews about bug eggs and high salt content in the medium and would likely require some level of sterilization prior to use.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Edit: I did notice a small aphid or two that seemed to emerge from the grobo during my first grow, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the egg situation isn’t limited to “those other pods”. Would be interested to know if anyone else has had this happen. They looked like tiny/mini lady bugs but without the black spots; the first appeared around week 2 and the other a week or two later. I figured perhaps they flew in from outside but I’ve never seen those anywhere else in my unit before and we keep the windows closed for the A/C.

Stephen recently mentioned that pods had been sold out which could have caused an order delay?


@Todd.grobo – I saw that post too, it prompted me to wait a week before ordering to give them time to re-stock.


Yeah it did for sure. I just got a shipping email the other day

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I wasn’t sure but you never know who sees what posts so thought I’d share. Sorry i ordered alot on my last go. Lol prolly tookem all.