Coco pod in uk

Hi all :wink:

Does anyone know of a alternative grow medium & or Basket that will work wiv my grobo in the :uk: & if used will it effect the recipe :wink:??

Its the Shipping thats the killer :roll_eyes:!!..

I’m also about to receive my Humidity today:

Could someone advise me on length of setting/run times & Placement :wink:??

As you can see my R.H is quite low atm:



Awesome, that’s the humidifier I have two of as well and recommend a lot on here. The unit has a humidistat so you can set whatever RH% you want. It will turn on and off to achieve your target humidity. You can adjust the intensity of the mist levels 1-3 as well.

Place the unit in the same room as the Grobo. Do NOT place it inside the Grobo or very close to the fan intakes. Just keep it nearby in the same room.


They’ve sent US Voltage & 2pin & I bet WiFi won’t be available in 240V :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved:

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Just took these & is she upside down & if so wtf do i do now :roll_eyes:??

But I Do think she’s growing :wink:

Just so slow :roll_eyes:! Lol & a little worried how this might effect the rest of the grow :thinking:??

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Most of the time, they will correct themselves (this also helps them shed their helmet of a shell) and the roots will find its way down where the water is more saturated at the bottom of the pod. I have never seen roots grow upwards looking for water before.

However if you are worried she may not make it, you can always open up the cocopod a bit and set her up right before settling the pod back in. The top of the pod just barely need to be covered to block too much light from hitting the new roots.

Also keep in mind that if the pod is too saturated, the roots wont grow, they need to be looking for water in order to grow, keep it lightly saturated so that the bottom of the pod is heavier than the top.


Everything you’ve mentioned is perfect seriously :wink:
Just so slow :roll_eyes:!! Lol
If she does finally shows you think plant will be ok :thinking:??

Cant believe I’m finding it so difficult to get past the first friggin checkpoint :roll_eyes:!:cry:!:sweat_smile:!

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How long has it been? The grobo gives it 10 days to mature before starting early veg. They tend to take off pretty quick after the roots find water and the top finds light.

Its okay, my first seed never sprouted and I wasted 10 days. I was so bummed out back then however this recent run, 5 out of 15 seeds didn’t pop, didn’t care much about it, I just filed a claim with the seed company and they sent me 10 extra seeds to make up for the duds. Doesn’t seem like you should be experiencing any issues tbh, the seed can correct themselves or you can help correct them and continue as long as the seedling does not get damaged.

Seedlings can sometimes strangle themselves while working through the coco pod, however these are normally rare cases.


Hi :wink:

Thanks for the pep :relaxed:

As said before she’s got till wkend but after seeing root im a LITTLE more optimistic :wink:… oh shit I’ve done it now :roll_eyes:!! Lol

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You can just move the stage back to germination and start it over. If you already did a drain and fill during early vegetation. I would move it back to germination and do another water change.


Oh & i get my Humidifier & its 2pin 120V :roll_eyes:!!..

I F@$ give up :flushed:!:exploding_head:!..

NOT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:rofl:!

YA GOT TOO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :sob:!!!

Just return it for a refund

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Or I buy a Very Long Extension Cable!..

Sorted :wink:


& BREATH :wink::sweat_smile:

Just had another peek & we have life :wink:

Going to do that Retard back to Germination & do a water change as you suggest :wink:


Nice surprise :slightly_smiling_face:

Just been given Level 3 :wink:

Hope Everyone has best New Yr they can &…

Roll On 21 :roll_eyes:!

Stay Safe All :mask:

Graham :wink:


Good! No more peaking and don’t cover it too much, let it climb out and naturally shed its shell. Other than putting a dome over her if RH is too low, the only thing else to do is watch and wait


All sorted & I’ve put a small glass bowl over her (good shout :ok_hand:!:wink:)

So off we go again :wink::sweat_smile:

Might sleep better tonight :wink:!:rofl:!