CO2 setups for tents

Any recommendations on CO2 setups?

It really depends on your budget and goals. What is the size of your tent? Are you using recirculation cooling or air intake cooling?

Are you looking for automation? what kind of automation?

You can get like 400-600 passive ppm boost from organic brews you make at home, same with growing mushrooms .

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I have a 2x4 tent setup! Definitely looking for full automation. Budget under 1000! I have a 6 inch jet fan and carbon filter with a small tower fan in bottom of tent! I am awaiting a pulse monitor now. Once I get more data if needed I can upload that info too. Just trying to get an idea about things. If supplementing co2 how much difference in yield are u seeing?

In general you should be getting around 20% growth rate and yield increased if done right and getting the co2 and lights conditions right.

Does the pulse one check for co2? (This is something I am not sure about and I don’t think the pulse has a co2 sensor but not 100% sure).

For automation, you will want a co2 generator like a tank (10-20 lbs depending on how frequent you wanna refill) or propane burner, co2 controller (recommended over a timer) and a environment controller. I also recommend turning your intake and exhaust fans off and sealing your tent for co2 build up and containment.

There are several controllers out there like trolmaster hydro x, that also does data logging with monitoring so that can replace a need for a pulse 1, unless you really need that par monitoring. I would check to see what the pulse 1 monitors and making sure thats indeed what you are looking for before purchasing it since its like $200.

When running co2 you can run at higher temps however you will need to find a way balance the cooling and co2 uptake since everytime you cool your tent down, it will push co2 out, so you may also want to consider a environment controller with a co2 killswitch along with your co2 controller to help save on energy and co2 resource cost.

A good way to keep temps down is to move your led drivers from inside your tent to outside. All of this should be able to fit within your budget.

If you are just looking for passive co2 boost (I do a combination of co2 tank and 2 mushroom grow bags in a 4x4 tent) in your grow areas, mycelium grow bags are a good way to keep your average co2 ppm up in your tent and you can consume the mushrooms after they fruit.

So it really depends on your goals really.