Co2 or not 2 Co2

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Has anyone used Co2 in a grobo & if any good wiv the sealed air system or will she just push it out :thinking:??

Anything to improve n all that :rofl:!

It just pushes it out but I use DIY CO2 since it is easy and can’t hurt. I have relatives who run greenhouses and they said that small increases in CO2 goes a long way and makes your plants happy. Plants become more resilient to temperature issues and grow more rapidly. My greenhouse people call CO2 the “human factor” and don’t grow without it. With things being more automated than ever they were able to upgrade their greenhouse 10 years ago. This automation allowed them to spend less time in the greenhouse but almost instantly their yields were shrinking, not growing like expected. They were then educated on CO2 and have never looked back.

BTW - they have huge exhaust fans that run almost constantly on either end of the greenhouse that turn on and off to manage humidity so it isn’t really “enclosed” either. Not sure if this little story helped but it was fun to tell. :rofl:

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Im currently looking @ this :thinking:??

Ebay: 372974526552

Like the Timer feature :+1:!

& why so :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: expensive :flushed:!!!

& whats your tomatoes like then :rofl:??

Since air is circulated so quickly I really don’t think that paying money for CO2 is worth it. My DIY CO2 cost about $.25 a month. Sugar, yeast, warm water, steady warm temperatures = easy CO2.


If you are looking to kick the CO2 up a notch, look into using citric acid and air bubblers to bring it to the next level.

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My vote goes to no Co2 in Grobo but growers here have installed Co2 systems


For those that use Co2 in the grobo, do you use it the entire time or just when it’s certain grow phases?

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Did I mention ITS £35 A CAN :face_with_raised_eyebrow::flushed:

Answers that question FINALLY :wink::fist_right:

CO2 is most effective during flower and only effective when the lights are on.


It’s got a Auto light sensor & only flower puts a different slant on things me finks :thought_balloon:!:thought_balloon:!:thought_balloon:!
It’s mostly 50/50 anyway so its understand the Pros/Cons :wink::+1:

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